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the consulting team

Our hygiene consulting services team is rather unique…

Neil is a qualified microbiologist who has experience in both the agricultural and food industries. Paul is a serial entrepreneur and businessman who has many years experience in manufacturing production and equipment design and engineering. The team also has a working knowledge of HACCP and accreditation requirements in production facilities.

Mix science with an entrepreneurial mindset and you have a consulting team that is quite different from the rest. Having actual experience in setting up and running a food manufacturing facility (as well as a food testing and research and development laboratory), further differentiates this team from the crowd.

In short – they are interested in solutions to problems but not at exorbitant costs.

what we offer

The team will come to your facility and advise as to how to:

  • best monitor the hygiene
  • implement measures to prevent contamination
  • implement measures to clean up a contamination problem

more info?

Contact Neil or Paul to chat about your situation and how we can help.

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